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NLI41 - I'm india Mood for LoveNLI42 - ElePhantastic PinkNLI43 - Black Cherry ChutneyNLI44 - Keys to My Karma
I'm india Mood for Love And this hot pink is
what I lust for!
ElePhantastic Pink This carnation pink
may start a stampede!
Black Cherry Chutney Deliciously dark black-red.Keys to My Karma Start your good fortune
with this rich red.
NLI45 - MonSooner or LaterNLI46 - Moon Over MumbaiNLI47 - Yoga-ta Get this Blue!NLI48 - Get Me to the Taj on TimeNLI49 - Curry Up Don't Be Late!
or Later Drench your nails
in this deluge of
Moon Over
Mumbai A romantic shade of
soft, moonlit grey.
Yoga-ta Get
this Blue! Make this deep,
dark blue your
fashion mantra.
Get Me to the
Taj on Time I don't want to
miss this pale
opal shade!
Curry Up
Don't Be Late! This spicy golden
metallic simmers
with style!
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